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Here I sit…reflecting on the past 362 days. All I can say is this year came in about as gracefully as an avalanche. An avalanche of lava and ice and bombs, with shards of metal and glass. There is so much bad that happened this year. Like, soooo much… I prefer to ride on the side of optimism, however. I believe there is good to be found in any situation.

While the world was in chaotic Coronavirus mode many things were happening here on the farm, some good and some bad. First of all, I completely tore a tendon in May and was unable to walk very well for the entirety of the summer. My beautiful herb garden and my kitchen garden wilted under the heat of the sun as I watched from a distance. My plans to fill the pantry with canned and fermented goods whisped away in the breeze. Surgery was in August and as of today, December 28th, I am still unable to bend my toes and wear my work boot. I did have plenty of spare time since I couldn’t be outside working, so I crocheted myself a rainbow sock we all nicknamed rainbow hooker sock.

Enough complaining though, now for the good stuff.

We were able to purchase a tractor and a sawmill, which are some of the bigger tools we needed for things to finally start happening around here. We have all the implements necessary to run this place blindfolded. We are happy owners of a forklift for heavy items and round bales, the grater box for keeping the road in tip top shape, the front end loader for anything and everything, and a grapple bucket for moving logs. Trees are coming down around the perimeter of the field at the top of the hill. We will use those logs to create lumber and begin building tiny cabins for the kids to move into and eventually our home – “the big house”!

I also have a new-ish kitchen! (Happy dance!) Seriously y’all…I had no light and only 18 inches of counter space. 18 INCHES. That might not seem so bad for some of you but for our family of 7 I had to get pretty creative with my meal prep areas, especially during canning season. It’s the best most shiny perfect space in our tiny little cabin. My counter space is considerable, the light fixture is absolutely amazing, and I am not wanting for anything.

The best part of it all is now that things are moving along, I get to see my farmer working hard. In his bibs. On his shiny red tractor. And that, my friends, revs my engine.

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